Guild Leadership shall regularly review current raiding numbers and class and role balance and update Recruitment priorities via the guild website and other recruitment sites and forums.


We are looking for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Able to keep up with the raid schedule and keep stable attendance;
  • Previous raid experience at Heroic/Mythic levels;
  • Class experience and knowledge;
  • Read and understood the guild guidelines and rules mentioned in the other website sections;
  • Able to keep gear fully optimized aswell as optimizing the glyph slots/talents.

If you happen to meet the criteria and you're interested in joining us, please drop an application or contact an officer in-game. You can apply by clicking "Apply to Guild" on the menu to the left.



The recruitment process for a potential new guild member is as follows:

  • Application/Interview - An application is sent by the potential guild member and/or he requests an in-game/voice-chat interview that will follow the application form contained in the site.


  • Approval/Denial - The application will be reviewed by the officers and within 48 hours you'll have an answer depending not only on how much effort you put into the application but also the first impression you've made with it, the need we hold for your class or the quality of logs.


  • Probation - Shall the applicant see his application approved, he is to poke an officer in-game for a guild invite. After the guild invite, the trial period will start for the applicant, lasting a minimum of 4 weeks that can be extended according to how you perform. It can be extended up to a maximum of 6 weeks, where you will be either kept as a raider, incase the trial is passed, or demoted to social/leave the guild shall the trial be failed.


As a reminder:


1. Shall a trialist skip a raid without any viable reason the trial will be terminated right away;

2. You're eligible for a raid invite at any time;

3. You're eligible for loot;

4. You will be subject to performance evaluation by the officers after every raid;

5. You are expected to perform as well as an average raider of the guild.



If you don't hear back from us for a while then assume that you don't meet our expectations and that we have declined your application.

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